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The centre is beautifully situated by lake Oppstyn surrounded by lush valleys and steep, dramatic mountains, at the northern side of the largest glacier on mainland Europe, Jostedalsbreen. We focus on the nature values, cultural heritage and people in and around Jostedalsbreen National Park.


The Visitor centre Jostedalsbreen National Park has a wide range of knowledge. From different perspective we represent Jostedalsbreen national park and adjacent areas.

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At the visitors center we have a cosy café and a giftshop with varied and exciting content.

Jostedalsbreen National Park

Jostedalsbreen National Park offers unique nature which is characterized by many contrasting features. Over short distances there is a spectacular range of different landscapes spanning from fjords to lush valleys, summer farms and traditional cultural landscape to barren alpine zones and glaciers.


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Visitor Centre Jostedalsbreen National Park

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Tourist information

Activities in the area

In the national park and adjacent areas, you find many marked trails and paths. The hikes differ from short and easy to long and difficult in a terrain of great variety. It is important to be aware of what kind of hike you begin, seek information before you head out, check weather forecast and respect the mountains. Nature may be majestic, but can also quickly get dangerous.

Fosdalssetra/Fosdal Summer farm

Fosnes, Oppstryn

A great hike in magnificent nature. The summer farm is situated 430 m a.s.l. The trail starts by Jostedalsbreen National Park Centre. Here are good parking possibilities. The first part of the trail you walk along a forest path, when you get to a right turn the forest path turn in to a trail. The trail is easy to follow. From the parking lot to the summer farm it is about 2 kilometres. At the summer farm you can enjoy a great view overlooking Oppstryn!



Hjelle, Oppstryn

The farm Segestad is beautifully situated in the mouth of valley Glomsdalen, on a mountain shelf at the top of a steep cliff 300 meters above Lake Oppstryn. To get to Segestad you need to travel to Hjelle in Oppstryn. From there you walk about 1 kilometre to the farm of Glomnes. Here begins the ascend to Segestad, it takes about one hour to get up to the farm. From the farm (314 m a.s.l) there is a magnificent view to the valleys Hjelledalen, Erdalen, Strandsida and other famous mountains.



From Erdalen to Vetledalsetra

Hjelledalen, Oppstryn

Glacier valley with a mix of lush vegetation and mighty glacial landscape with traces from the ice age. One of the most used entrance to Jostedalsbreen. The trail takes you through Erdal summer farm till Vetledal summer farm and it takes about 2-3 hours in total.

In earlier times this was an important road connection between Nordfjord and Sogn. Livestock was led through this trail to cross the glacier up until 1923. Between the two summer farms there are great outwash plains that have been formed by meltwater from glaciers (sandur).

At the summer farm Vetledalseter you find a DNT cabin

Parking at Greidung, or further up at Loppeset (toll-road).



Hjelledalen, Oppstryn

Lush valley with lovely waterfalls and the former farm Sunndal. A beautiful trail that takes about 3-4 hour. The first part is on a tractor trail, the last part you may choose to follow the river towards the summer farm or take the trail on the south side. On the northern side of the valley you’ll find Tverrelvfossen, which is recommended to experience.


Historic trail over Kamperhamrane

Hjelledalen, Oppstryn

One of the oldest roads over the mountain between east and west Norway. The trail goes from Sunndalen in the inner part of Oppstryn, eastwards over the mountain and through Raudalen towards Skjåk in Gudbrandsdalen. Parts of the rout ascends the steep part called Kamperhamrane, where there are ancient man-made steps. The route has its name after these. The route starts by the old farm in Sunndalen to where there is a tractor road, about 5 km from Folven in Hjelledalen.



Tjugen, Loen

Skåla – the magnificent giant of a mountain – hovers over the village of Loen. A good trail, parts man-made, winding through the rocky scree landscape. 1848 m above the edge of the fjord. The Skålatårnet building is a DNT cabin – an unusual building for those who want to stay a night or make a cup of coffee at the top. It was originally built as a sanatorium and the cure is still effective; there is nothing making you feel better than the view overlooking the fjords and the breeze from Jostedalsbreen.

In October 2016 a new tourist cabin was built, named Skålabu. Both cabins are drifted by Bergen Turlag. It is a cultural experience to wander the old paths and stone steps, with the fantastic fjord landscape all around. It is normal to use about 5 hours to get to the top, and 3 hours on the descend.