Jostedalsbreen National Park is located in Oppstryn in the municipality of Stryn. The centre was opened in 1993 by the then prime minister Gro Harlem Brundtland. The centre was authorized as a national park centre in 1997 by the Norwegian Environment Agency and reauthorized in 2019.

The national park centre is owned and managed by the Foundation Jostedalsbreen National Park Centre with County Governor of Sogn og Fjordane, Municipality of Stryn, Western Norway University of Applied Science, Norwegian Geotechnical Institute, The Norwegian Trekking Association, Norwegian botanical association and Nordfjord Folk Museum.

At the centre we offer;

  • Botanical garden
  • Geological park
  • Exhibition about avalanches and natural hazards
  • Film about the Jostedal glacier
  • Exhibition of Norwegian wildlife
  • Information about national parks in Norway
  • Information about nature and cultural landscape
  • Giftshop
  • Café