We have different fields of subject inside the centre as well as outside by Oppstryn Lake, where alpine mountains are being reflected in the clear and green water. Here you can enjoy the fantastic view as well as getting to know nature.

Indoor exhibitions

In the indoor exhibitions you can learn about how life was in the valleys and close to the glaciers through time. Here you could find out how the first glacier guides worked and what equipment they used.

Find out how glaciers have formed the landscape you see around you through time and what is occurring to the glaciers today.

In our biological exhibition you can see and learn about out what kind of wildlife you may encounter in Norwegian nature.

Get a unique insight in the tragical and dramatic natural disasters in Loen Valley browsing through a digitized collection of newspaper clips from 1936.

As part of our exhibition we have a 13-minute-long film about the Jostedalsbreen glacier which shows the beautiful nature in addition to inform you about glaciers and why glaciers are blue and meltwater from glaciers green.

Botanical garden

In our outdoor area you may enjoy the view of Oppstryn Lake, the alpine landscape, glaciers, rivers and adjacent villages. Here you can relax and view the breathtaking nature.

In our botanical garden we have about 200 plants, trees and flowers that represent the local flora in and around the national park. The garden is divided into different zones with plants from bogs, mountains, meadows and forests. In addition, we have a “Great-Granny’s garden”, where you can see beloved and well-known plants that you encounter in the Norwegian gardens. Here you may take a stroll and learn about how the plants adjust to the life in the different zones.

The plants you see in the garden you may find in and around the national park, and after a turn in the garden, you might recognize and identify some of the plant next time you go for a hike?




Geological Park

You can take a stroll in our newly upgraded geological park and learn what the different rocks may reveale about our fantastic geologic history through many millions of years.

In the geological park we have 26 rocks from the regions Nordfjord, Sunnfjord and Sogn. The rocks have explanations for what you see in the rocks, how old they are and how they have been formed. I addition there are educational information signs which shows how the continental crusts have moved and thus formed mountain range. These ranges have subsequently been eroded and broken down and the eroded material are foundation for some of the rocks in our park. Come and learn more about the exciting history the rocks may reveal.

Did you know…?

  • The official national rock is larvikite and can only be found in Norway and was formed during volcanic activity 290 million years ago. This rock covers the front of our centre.
  • Thulite is known as “the Norwegian gemstone”. The mineral was first described after an observation in Telemark in the beginning of the 19th century and was given the name thulite (ultima thule).
  • Eclogite is the densest type of rock on earth, 1 litre weighs 3.3 kg. This mineral is formed deep down in the crust of earth. You will find this rock in different parts of our Exhibitions.


In our gift shop you may purchase beautiful jewellery from thulite, larvikite and eclogite handmade from Fossheim stone centre in Lom.


Giftshop & café

At the visitors center we have a cosy café and a giftshop with varied and exciting content.