Kayak course

The kayak course introduces kayaks and necessary equipment, while also taking it a step further and learning about techniques that can be used while paddling.
The main goal of the course is to motivate more paddling in the future and getting you more familiar with the kayak, paddle, life jacket and splash cover. The course is a perfect starting point for learning to kayak in oceans and rivers. The course qualifies for the Norwegian paddle certificate from NPF.

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Guided kayak tour

Upon request our partner Fjord Nature can take you on a guided kayak-experience on Oppstryn lake in stable kayaks. We will adapt the experience to your wishes and the weather conditions. Approximately 3 hours or more is often a good time estimation.

Nature guides / kayaking instructors will convey exciting stories, and information about local nature and culture.

This trip has a low threshold and will fit most. If you can swim, and you can get up and down, you can take part in a guided experience on the water.

Guided kayaking trips are only available for pre-orders. For more information, contact Fjord Nature, +47 404 30 459 //

Canoes and SUP-boards for rental

Experience nature from Oppstrynsvatnet!

At the National park centre you can rent a canoe (4-people) and a SUP-board.

No pre-orders and only drop-in.

Contact the National park centre for more information.