A face lift for our garden

Lately we have worked on an upgrade of our outdoor exhibitions; the geological park and the botanical garden. In the geological park we have renewed the information for each of our 26 rocks from the region and in addition we have new and informative posters on the fascinating geological history through many million years. The botanical garden is new from 2018, and with 200 different plants there is much to see!

About Visitor Centre

The centre is beautifully situated by lake Oppstyn surrounded by lush valleys and steep, dramatic mountains, at the northern side of the largest glacier on mainland Europe, Jostedalsbreen. We focus on the nature values, cultural heritage and people in and around Jostedalsbreen National Park.


The Visitor centre Jostedalsbreen National Park has a wide range of knowledge. From different perspective we represent Jostedalsbreen national park and adjacent areas.

Giftshop & café

At the visitors center we have a cosy café and a giftshop with varied and exciting content.

Jostedalsbreen National Park

Jostedalsbreen National Park offers unique nature which is characterized by many contrasting features. Over short distances there is a spectacular range of different landscapes spanning from fjords to lush valleys, summer farms and traditional cultural landscape to barren alpine zones and glaciers.


Visitor Centre

Visitor Centre Jostedalsbreen National Park

Strynevegen 1932
NO – 6799 Oppstryn

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